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We are able to create a range of designs and specifications to suit your requirements.Each project we carry out is bespoke to that facility. 

A benefit with wetpour is that you can be creative by adding bright colours and graphics into the surfacing. There are many types of graphics to choose from and many schools and nurseries choose educational graphics, to create a fun learning environment.


BONGANI's Installation Guide.

Wet pour can be laid over solid sub-bases such as concrete, asphalt, timber,
steel as well as natural ground surfaces. However, it can’t be installed over soft
sub-bases like sand for example. It is important to remove grass and debris in
order to ensure you get as smooth a surface as possible. For best results on
natural ground surface we recommend using a roller to create a level surface.

Empty the contents of the EPDM granules into the mixing bucket and pour the
binder in. Mix the binder into the granules until it forms a uniform, wetted
mixture. For the best results we recommend using a paddle style mixer. You can
mix multiple batches consecutively and combine different colours in order to
create a speckled finish.

Once fulled mixed, empty the contents of the bucket directly onto the desired
installation area. For the best results we recommend pouring into the centre of
the installation area and working outwards.

Before using any trowels or rollers it is important to spray them with lubricant
and reapply as required. This enables the tools to slide over the wet pour without
sticking to the surface. The lubricant can also be used to clean the tools after the
installation process is complete.

Using the lubricated tools spread the wet pour materials around the desired
installation area. Try to ensure the materials are distributed evenly as this will
make smoothing easier. You can gently press down on the surface using a trowel
or roller to create a firm, compact surface.


Playground Rubber Safety Surfacing
Rubber wet pour is a superior replacement for tired old tarmac areas. Some people refer to it as soft tarmac, as it has a similar appearance.

Wetpour is a long-lasting, hardwearing and porous safety surface and when maintained can last for a number of years. 



All of the rubber flooring that we provide has been extensively tested to meet the BS EN 1177 Safety Standards and Critical Fall Height (CFH) requirements. Industry standard safety testing is required to guarantee the surface meets the necessary safety requirements.

If you would like to know more about what we are able to offer, get in touch with us and we can discuss our services with you. 

Playground Surfacing By Bongani..

"The team did an excellent job at repairing our damaged playground. We are so happy with how it looks now and knowing it is safe to use again"