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Creteangle Mixer

We offer a range of different size mixers for both
small and large jobs. The mixer is engine powered
to take all of the effort out of mixing.

Wet Pour Rollers

These rolls are perfect for quickly and easily
creating a smooth surface. The long handle also
enables you to reach difficult areas. This tool is
available in a range of widths to suit you.

Wet pour Trowel

This long-nosed trowel enables you to easily
achieve a smooth surface finish in tight, intricate
areas. Perfect for use around graphics and along
the edge of the surface

Roller Tray

This lightweight tray is highly durable and able to
contain both the release agent and light solvent.

Drum Trolley & Stand

Our drum trolley and pouring stand can hold
250kgs worth of material. It enables you to quickly
pour the material on the desired surface, which
makes it much easier to install.

Drum Tap

Designed for use with our drum, the tap is ideal for
easily dispensing viscous fluids. It gives you easy
flow control and can also be dismounted for easy
cleaning and storage.

Wet Pour Maintenance



All of the rubber flooring that we provide has been extensively tested to meet the BS EN 1177 Safety Standards and Critical Fall Height (CFH)

requirements. Industry standard safety testing is required to guarantee the surface meets the necessary safety requirements.

If you would like to know more about what we are able to offer, get in touch with us and we can discuss our services with you. 

Playground Surfacing By Bongani..

"The team did an excellent job at repairing our damaged playground. We are so happy with how it looks now and knowing it is safe to use again"